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Vinyl Sheet

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Vinyl sheet is a water-resistant product mostly used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. This is an inexpensive option for customers that need a water-resistant floor. Vinyl sheets are highly durable with most products coming with a commercial warranty. Most vinyl sheets have to be glued down, but some products also allow for a loose lay option depending on the room size. These come in different designs, most commonly in a tile look but can also be found in a wood look or even geometric patterns.


Our knowledgeable flooring estimators will help guide you in choosing the best floors to suite all your needs. We do a thorough inspection before installation to provide you with all the information be it for prep work, flooring type, mouldings and the like.


Our highly skilled and professional installers are fully trained in their area of expertise. Their training combined with their experience guarantee that you receive quality installation.