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Engineered Wood Installation

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Engineered wood are made of layers of plywood bonded together with a solid wood top layer. Because of its construction, engineered wood does not expand or contract as much as Solid Hardwood will do but will it will give you the same look. Most Engineered woods are also approved to be installed with radiant heat and can also be installed with a soundproofing underlayment which makes it suitable for use in high rise condos. Engineered wood is also generally less expensive than Solid Hardwood and can come in a wide variety of wood types, stains and widths can be as wide as 12”.


Our knowledgeable flooring estimators will help guide you in choosing the best floors to suite all your needs. We do a thorough inspection before installation to provide you with all the information be it for prep work, flooring type, mouldings and the like.

Our highly skilled and professional installers are fully trained in their area of expertise. Their training combined with their experience guarantee that you receive quality installation.