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Laminate Installation

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Laminate is one of the most popular choices in today’s flooring industry mainly because of its durability and affordability. Unlike natural wood, laminate does not fade under direct sunlight and is resistant to scratches because of its wear layer. We recommend laminates with a minimum Abrasion Class Rating of 3. We do not carry anything less than this at our showroom! This determines the strength and durability of the wear layer with AC4 and AC5 recommended for light commercial and commercial use respectively.



Our knowledgeable flooring estimators will help guide you in choosing the best floors to suite all your needs. We do a thorough inspection before installation to provide you with all the information be it for prep work, flooring type, mouldings and the like.


Our highly skilled and professional installers are fully trained in their area of expertise. Their training combined with their experience guarantee that you receive quality installation.