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  • Biltmore Hickory
  • Haywood Hickory
  • Highland Hickory
  • Ridgecrest Hickory
  • Shenandoah Hickory

Timeless Impression In Haus

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Product Description

Timeworn elegance. Timeless Impressions gives you a hand-sculpted look that creates an instantly inviting and comfortable atmosphere, yet is sophisticated enough to complement a more formal space.

Colors; Biltmore Hickory,Haywood Hickory,Highlands Hickory,Ridgecrest Hickory,Shenandoah Hickory
Material: AC4 Timeless Impression In Haus
Price: $3.85sqft

Warranty: 40yrs Residential & 7 Years Commercial

5.35" wide planks with Hickory designs and an embossed-in-register finish with Hickory designs and an embossed-in-register finish.