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  • Caramel Brulee Oak
  • Cinnamon Spice Oak
  • Toffee Maple
  • Smoke Maple
  • Americano Maple
  • Caramel Brulee Oak
  • Earl Clove Oak


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Product Description
Mericana Wide
• Sustainable design using rapidly renewable materials
• FSC factory certified
• Indoor air quality rated
Easy Care
• Stable-Guard Core: enhanced visual and structural integrity
• Sweep N’ Go – no wax floor care
• Scratch, scuff and stain resistant
• PEARLTOUCHTX is an advanced 9 layer UV cured Urethane and Aluminum Oxide finish.
This technology gives you a clean, yet slightly textured satin like finish.
Option Plus
• Uniclic, and patented Drop-Lock installation
• Residential and selected commercial below, on or above grade applications
• Float-in or glue down install
• Radiant heat approved
27 Year Warranty
• 27 Year Residential Finish
• 3 Year Light Commercial
• Limited Lifetime Structure
Available colours
MW03 Cinnamon Spice Oak MW03WB Cinnamon Spice Oak WB
MW31 Earl Clove Oak MW31WB Earl Clove Oak WB
MW04 Cayenne Maple MW313 Toffee Maple
MW604 Caramel Brulee Oak MW604WB Caramel Brulee Oak WB
MW315 Smoked Maple MW316 Americano Maple
*WB = Wire Brush