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Flotex Cityscape

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Product Description

Flotex Cityscape Commercial Carpet


This unique embossed flocked tile consists of a dense surface of indestructible nylon 6.6 fibers that have been modified by spot heating and pressure of a precision embossing plate. This creates a landscape pattern over the surface of the Flotex tiles, retaining all of the unique Flotex product features. 

Why choose Flotex Cityscape tiles?

Strong & comfortable
? Indestructible nylon 6.6 fibres create a strong and durable high tech textile for areas of high foot and wheeled traffic. 
? Densely placed fibers (up to 70 million per m2) provide a warm and comfortable surface.
? Flotex tiles are extremely dimensional stable and easy to install.

Hygienic & washable
? Because of its construction, Flotex acts as an anti-allergen high tech textile.
? The Flotex fibers capture and release dust to standard cleaning appliances.
? Flotex can be cleaned through simple vacuuming, steam cleaning or deep scrub action with water. The Flotex surface dries quickly and always restores to its function and original appearance.

Safe & quiet
? Flotex is a textile flooring that prevents mold and odors thanks to its technical and bacteriostatic qualities.
? Flotex provides a safe environment for all age groups as it prevents tripping or slipping hazards both in dry and wet conditions. 
? Excellent sound absorption properties make Flotex an acoustic flooring solution (class A), with 19 dB impact sound reduction.