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 4193 McConnell Drive, Burnaby
  • Capilano Wood
  • English Bay Mud
  • Gastown Brick
  • Java Bean
  • Jerico Sand
  • Nanaimo Natural
  • Olive Brick
  • Rio Maeo
  • Sockey Red
  • Whistler Granite
  • Winter Brick

Euro Cork Collection

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Product Description

Colours:  Capilano Wood, English Bay Mud, Gastown Brick, Java Bean, Jerico Sand, Nanaimo Natural, Olive Brick, RIo Maeo, Sockey Red, Whistler Granite, Winter Brick, 

Price Starts at: $5.72/sf

Material: Euro Cork Flooring

It provides acoustical and thermal insulation, it cushions the feet, and it is resistant to moisture damage and decay. Cork Flooring is easy to clean, with proper maintenance your floor will last for years to come.